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Ansys Adds Rocky DEM to the Mix

Acquisition extends and enhances multiphysics to include particle dynamics.

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Rocky 2022R2: Enhancing multiphysics particle mechanics beyond traditional DEM

With a new native SPH-DEM solver, Rocky 2022R2 further accelerates adoption to particle dynamics applications beyond traditional DEM.

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Rocky DEM: powerful and flexible particle dynamic simulation

Rocky can accelerate your product development processes, delivering critical process insight for solid handling systems, no matter your industry.

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Bayer uses Rocky DEM to optimize seed treaters design

Rocky DEM and optiSLang helped to optimize Bayer’s seed processing equipment and significantly accelerate product design cycles.

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Begin your journey toward mastering Rocky and DEM analysis

Learn to leverage particle simulation with the online course “Introduction to Discrete Element Method Using Rocky DEM.”

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Particle simulation
where shapes do matter

Simulate Real-Scale Experiments

Rocky DEM’s high-performance computing (HPC) abilities can simulate a large number of real-sized and real-shaped particles faster and with less memory usage.

Model Realistic Materials

Modify a default shape, scan a real 3D object, or custom design your own shape and import it. Then define the behavior to be rigid or flexible, sticky or dry, breakable and more.

Solve Unique Problems

Rocky DEM’s representation of application-specific particle shapes is becoming essential to the successful engineering of bulk materials handling equipment.

Rocky DEM for Industry

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Food Processing

Enhance productivity by exploring granular flow behavior — the foundation for optimal quality, capacity, safety, and efficiency. Rocky DEM’s accurate particle representation is the key.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Leverage Rocky DEM tools to improve pharmaceutical safety and quality while reducing development, experimentation, regulatory approval, and manufacturing costs.

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Agriculture Equipment

Test your equipment using particle simulation and enhance the efficiency of your agricultural processes. Rocky DEM is used the world over to help companies optimize their bulk agricultural materials.

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Designing a solar-powered sweet potato storage unit using simulation


Webinar Qfinsoft: Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

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“Using Rocky DEM and Ansys optiSLang allowed us to digitally prototype a seed processing equipment resulting in significant acceleration of product design cycles. This represents a significant milestone towards our ambition of Right-First-Time in designing solids processing equipment.”

Dr. Rakulan Sivanesapillai

Expert Modeling Formulation Processes - Bayer AG


Bayer uses Rocky DEM simulations for automated design optimization of seed treaters

Rocky DEM and optiSLang helped to optimize Bayer’s seed processing equipment and significantly accelerate product design cycles

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“With simulation, we were able to develop an understanding of how the loads are distributed inside the silo and thus save time and money on costly test structures. This has greatly accelerated the project and created certainty for us and our customers.”

Martin Westermann

Technical Sales, Eichholz Silo- und, Anlagenbau GmbH


Simulation saves prototypes production of a mixing screw for Eichholz Silo

Bulk material simulation saves the production of costly prototypes for a mixing screw

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“With Rocky DEM’s breakage model, we were able to discover how little lump breakage was occurring and what was needed to break the lumps up sufficiently for the iron ore to pass through during the tippler operation. These are key insights that will help optimize the equipment to reduce blockages and make sure the material moves more effectively and efficiently.”

Luke Stone

Mechanical Engineer, Hatch Australia


Hatch improves iron ore flow and reduces blockages in a rail tippler using Rocky DEM

DEM simulations provided an in-depth understanding of the behavior of bulk material in a rail tippler to reduce blockages in frozen materials processing

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“The powerful processing power and extensive customization options of Rocky continue to improve. Of particular note is the enhanced calibration suite tools that Onyx has customized in collaboration with ESSS to improve the speed and accuracy of determining material parameters to simulate the flow properties of real world materials.”

Dr. Richard Elliott

Principal Mechanical Engineer - Onyx Projects


With Rocky DEM, Onyx Projects finds solutions for bucket wheel reclaimer blockages

Rocky helped to optimize bucket wheel reclaimers and significantly reduce equipment downtime

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Now that we know we can rely on our simulation results, Rocky DEM has improved our whole design process. We can do more runs, study more-complex problems, and get results faster. Before we added Rescale, we had to wait until our local hardware finished its run to start the next project. Now we have extra compute capacity when we need it. The combination of Rocky and Rescale gives us the confidence that the design is really valid, and we don’t need to rely on prototype build and tests as much as before.

Wiljami Nurmela

Engineering Manager, FEA & Simulations - MetsoOutotec


Particle analysis and cloud computing produce mining solutions built to last

Rocky DEM and Rescale expanded Metso Outotec’s ability to offer dependable mining and aggregate equipment to its customers

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