Now available:
Rocky DEM 4.2

This new version of Rocky DEM adds to and deepens modeling
capabilities and ANSYS Workbench integrated fluid–particle simulation.

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High Fidelity Particle Simulation Software

Provides decisive insight into granular flow behavior with
accurate particle representation.

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Fully Integrated with
ANSYS Software

Use particle loads to conduct various static and transient
structural and fluid analyses.

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Advanced Breakage simulation

Rocky DEM simulates material breakage by calculating the
fragmentation of each particle based upon the energy
generated from impact.

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Multi-GPU for multiple possibilities

Multi-GPU solver capabilities facilitate extremely fast simulations,
enabling you to work with more data in less time.

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Particle simulation
where shapes do matter

Simulate Real-Scale Experiments

Rocky DEM’s high-performance computing (HPC) abilities can simulate a large number of real-sized and real-shaped particles faster and with less memory usage.

Model Realistic Materials

Modify a default shape, scan a real 3D object, or custom design your own shape and import it. Then define the behavior to be rigid or flexible, sticky or dry, breakable and more.

Solve Unique Problems

Rocky DEM’s representation of application-specific particle shapes is becoming essential to the successful engineering of bulk materials handling equipment.

Rocky DEM for Industry

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Heavy Equipment

Discover the benefits Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations can offer the heavy equipment manufacturing industry as a powerful tool that uniquely simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials.

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Mining and Metal

Discover a revolutionary way to enhance mining and metallurgical processes.
Transfer chutes, feeders, mills and crushers are just some of the bulk materials
handling equipment that Rocky helps engineers evaluate and optimize.

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Process Equipment

Explore new possibilities to enhance your processing efficiency. Rocky DEM is being used to improve everything from drugs to food, and from specialty chemicals to biofuels.

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News and events


ESSS Releases Rocky DEM Version 4.2 Software

The optimal profile for further manufacture of grinding mill


BOSCH confirms the effectiveness of ROCKY DEM for a vertical filling machine


Rocky DEM names NUMESYS as Channel Partner in Turkey

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"The highlight of the Rocky DEM software is certainly its speed and realistic particle shapes. For us, being able to simulate the exact number of particles in the exact same size distributions and shape representations that we have in our experimental studies is the primary benefit to using Rocky DEM.”

Preetanshu Pandey, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)

BMS Simulates over 10 million particles using Rocky DEM

Pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb used Rocky DEM Multi-GPU capabilities

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Rocky DEM simulation speeds up prototype development up to four times when compared to physical tests.”

Matthew Roesner Technical Director

Roesner Pty Ltd

Roesner Pty increases efficiency of fertilizer spreaders

Rocky DEM enabled Roesner Pty to perform virtual prototyping of loading chutes without the need of costly physical testing

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