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Bulk Material Handling Conferences You Should Attend in 2019

Bulk solid materials storage, handling and transportation are major activities at many industries. Applications range from gentle handling of very small material quantities in pharmaceutical and chemical industries to vast quantities handled and processed by mining and mineral companies.

If your organization fits into this description, you’ll want to consider attending our top picks for bulk materials handling conferences in 2019. Most are still accepting abstract submissions.

We’ve booked our calendars, so here’s some pertinent information to help you plan yours.


April 9-11 ― Nuremburg, Germany

POWTECH is a world-leading trade fair for processing, analyzing, and handling powder and bulk solids. It reflects innovations and advancements in mechanical processing technologies/instrumentation, serving a variety of industries. Experts visit POWTECH to look for pioneering innovations in size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing or granulating, and many other processes. PARTEC, the international congress for particle technology, runs parallel to POWTECH, attracting scientists and researchers from universities, institutes and industry.

Abstract submission is closed.

Conference exhibitors include Rocky DEM and channel partner CADFEM. Rocky DEM software simulates bulk material behavior, enabling engineers to analyze particle flow. CADFEM is a pioneer of applied engineering simulation and a large European CAE supplier. CADFEM supports product engineers and design analysts to make the most of state-of-the-art simulation technology.


July 9-11 ― Gold Coast, Australia

The 13th ICBMH International Conference on Bulk Materials Storage, Handling and Transportation showcases the considerable advances being made in research, development, application and implementation of pertinent technologies. Attendance is recommended for those involved in mining and mineral production/processing, power generation, chemical and petrochemical process industries, agriculture and biomass production/processing, energy and environment, and the food industry.

Abstract submission is closed.

LEAP Australia is a general sponsor of the 2019 ICBMH conference. The company has successfully delivered CAE software and services to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand customers — from global leaders to small local companies. Highly qualified engineers provide support, training, advice and customization in CAD, CAM, simulation and product development tools (IoT, for example), and augmented reality. Stop by the LEAP and Rocky DEM booths in the exhibit area to hear about their latest simulation technology successes.


July 22-26 ― Enschede, Netherlands

The eighth International Conference on Discrete Element Methods features information about general DEM including open-source codes, education and outreach as well as experiments related to characterization, calibration, and validation. Presentations, symposia and exhibitions explore a wide range of industrial applications and theories (algorithms, contact modeling constitutive contact laws, continuum methods, and discrete-continuum coupling).

Abstracts related to conference themes, applications and theories closed February 24, but you can propose a mini-symposium (4+ speakers).

Visit Rocky DEM experts in the exhibit area to learn about the capabilities that set it apart from other codes, including non-round particle shapes, ability to simulate particle breakage without loss of mass or volume, and visualization of boundary surface reduction due to wear.

International Particle Technology Forum VII

July 28-31 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The UK–China joint forum brings together researchers and practitioners from the particle science and technology communities to discuss recent advances in the field, identify pertinent research areas, and establish new international collaborations and strengthen existing ones. Themes include fundamental and applied aspects of particle science and engineering: particle synthesis, characterization and measurement; particle processing and manufacturing; bulk powder handling; bulk flow characterization, particulate product engineering, modelling and simulation; and emerging particle technology applications.

Abstracts related to conference themes closed February 28 but may be extended.

While at the forum, check out the Rocky DEM software demonstrations in the exhibit area.

Beltcon International Materials Handling Conference

July 31-August 1 ― Johannesburg, South Africa

The leading conveyor event in Africa, Beltcon20 brings the very latest developments in materials handling to a wide audience. An impressive speaker line-up, the latest research, new conveyor techniques, report-backs on methodology and installations, and new technology are presented by eminent international conveying specialists. The conference combines the expertise of academics, researchers, and professional engineers working in the field with practical, hands-on conveying experts for a rewarding conference experience.

Online registration and abstract submission will be online in the near future.

Look for both Rocky DEM and channel partner Qfinsoft in the conference exhibit hall. Qfinsoft represents world-leading CAE companies in southern Africa, offering engineering and consulting experience. The company has developed several commercial products and engineering software packages as a result.

Blending & Segregation Forum

August 5-7 ― Purdue University, Indiana, USA

The Blending & Segregation Forum bills itself as a journey from the theoretical to the practical, via the numerical, experimental and peripheral. Its aim is to improve understanding and remediation of segregation effects through rational designs, formal risk analysis, better process understanding, improving numerical modeling, continuous manufacturing and the need for improved yields. The forum centers on the pharmaceutical industry and other process-focused communities, such as nutraceuticals, fine chemicals, bulk goods, food products, detergents, agricultural products, industrial powders, consumer products, catalysts, batteries, energetic materials and additive manufacturing.

The call for papers is closed. You can submit abstracts for posters through March 31 to

Rocky DEM is a conference/forum sponsor, so if you attend, you can engage in professional-level dialogue and get reliable answers to the challenges your organization faces.

European Symposium on Comminution & Classification

September 2-4 ― Leeds, UK

The 16th ESCC covers themes on foods, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, fine and ultrafine grinding in the chemical and allied industries, fundamentals of breakage and comminution models as well as new applications. Plenary and keynote lectures from leading comminution and classification experts are augmented by poster sessions and instrument manufacturer exhibits.

You can submit abstracts online until February 28.

While at the symposium, be sure to visit Rocky DEM technical experts and sales representatives in the exhibit area.

AIChE Annual Meeting

November 10-15 ― Orlando, Florida, USA

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum for specialists interested in innovation and professional growth. Academic and industry experts cover a wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging growth areas in chemical engineering. Innovative topical conferences explore a wide range of chemical issues.

The deadline for abstract submission is April 12, 2019.


Rocky DEM

Rocky is a powerful, 3D discrete element modeling (DEM) program that quickly and accurately simulates particle behavior within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling system. Rocky analyzes media flow patterns and energy absorption rates, particle breakage, and energy spectra analysis. The software optimizes life expectancy of conveyor belts and components, minimizes material spillage in a design, and reduces the need for dust control and suppression, among numerous other applications. This software is a revolutionary way to handle a problem through computer simulation.

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