Latest Rocky DEM release has many new data analysis features to enhance post processing

Rocky DEM, Inc. launched a new release of the innovative and powerful 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program used to simulate granular flows. Rocky DEM 3.11 has a massive amount of new features, including Particle Time Selection, Particle Tagging, Time Statistics Grid Functions and more, that helps users better analyze and extract useful information from their simulations.

The Particle Time Selection tool allows users to “accumulate” all particles within a given time range, providing unique grid function values even for particles that exited the simulation. This can be used to analyze, for example, the global particle size distribution of the particles that leave sorting equipment without the need of using separate collector bins to keep particles in the domain, thereby reducing the simulation cost.

This version also has a specific tool to “mark” particles that pass through a given user process selection, making it possible to track just these particles throughout the simulation, even backwards in time. Particle Tagging is a revolutionary feature since it is a common user need to select a group of particles based on their location at a selected time range and then monitor their behavior while time passes. Tagging can be used, for example, to quantify how mixed previously segregated particles get using a given device or to obtain a histogram of velocity for the tagged particles later in time.

Divisions Tagging feature

Divisions Tagging feature

In addition to these new features, Rocky DEM 3.11 has a new Time Statistics Grid Function that allows users to compute a statistic over a given time interval, even for custom Grid Functions, for example, to get time average values for volume fraction and velocities in a certain location. Other new items include the stress tensor Grid Functions available for Eulerian Statistics User Processes, which includes both components and its invariants.

Having the goal of improving upon the user experience, Rocky DEM 3.11 also offers a strong update on documentation. The software has a more complete user manual providing detailed information about the new features along with tech tips for Rocky usage.

To find out more about the features mentioned here and to discover the many other useful additions, download and install Rocky DEM 3.11. To learn even more about how these newest features can be applied to your analyses, sign up to our blog and you’ll be e-mailed when upcoming posts covering these new features are published.

Rocky DEM 3.11

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