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Place ANSYS Innovation Conference closest to you on your radar

ANSYS hosts major conferences around the world to bring clients together and strengthen networking among professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who share the desire to innovate using computer simulation.

Among the main events, one that deserves special mention is the ANSYS Innovation Conference.

No matter the challenge, at the ANSYS Innovation Conference you have the opportunity to learn from technical presentations from renowned academics and professionals in your industry.

ESSS believes that the forum is an important innovation environment, and will participate in with a special presentation where it will demonstrate all the power of the coupling between Rocky and Ansys.

May the next ANSYS Innovation Conference be with you!

If you want to know who leads the way, then consider who influences the sector. And tune your radar to these professionals.

Learning from the ANSYS experts is like following a Star Wars episode narrated and commented on by George Lucas. You can hear of an actor or producer commenting, but the thinking minds behind all the plot twists.


I hope you are now as excited as Chewbacca to explore the universe of engineering analysis and simulation. Check out the upcoming dates for the events:

1- ANSYS Innovation Conference – Minneapolis

02 October 2018
9:00 AM – 4:10 PM (CST)

As the digital and physical worlds become one, products are growing in complexity. Next generation medical, automotive, mobile and HPC systems require a complete simulation solution to address complex multiphysics issues related to thermal, reliability, power-timing and performance across the spectrum of chip, package, and system to guarantee product success.

Companies are facing unrelenting pressure to innovate, lower cycle times, and reduce costs, while also increasing quality and eliminating risk. They’re asking engineers to solve problems that appear unsolvable with current technology.

One of the key points of the event will be the ESSS presentation, in partnership with Bissel, of the lecture about CFD-DEM Coupled Simulation Of Air Flow Inside A Cyclonic Device, by Lucilla Coelho de Almeida, CAE Specialist, ESSS.

Check out the complete schedule

2- ANSYS Innovation Conference – Chicago

08 November 2018
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST)

Attend the ANSYS Innovation Conference to learn more about what sets ANSYS software apart from other engineering simulation tools. Presenting customers and ANSYS technical experts will discuss how a consolidated simulation platform enables engineering teams throughout the entire supply chain to confidently address increasing system complexity and successfully meet product targets (launch date, cost, quality)–while significantly reducing the total cost of owning engineering simulation tools.

Check out the complete schedule

This one-day conference brings together ANSYS technology users, partners, developers, and industry experts for networking, learning, and sharing of innovative ideas.

ANSYS Advanced Partner

And if we are talking about ANSYS, of course, we could not forget to mention the perfect match between Rocky DEM and ANSYS. After all, it’s not just any software receives this seal of confidence from ANSYS. It is the confirmation of the synchrony of excellence between the platforms guaranteeing the maximum of performance and results.

As a result of several years of collaboration between the ANSYS and ESSS technical teams, ROCKY interoperates seamlessly with and extends ANSYS Mechanical and Fluids software capabilities for simulations where particle shapes and particle interactions with both fluid flow and structural components play an important role in the design.
– Dipankar Choudhury
Vice President, Research at ANSYS, Inc.

I hope this content has been helpful to broaden your horizons on upcoming events and especially get you to assimilate ANSYS with Rocky DEM. It’s like the partnership between R2-D2 and C3PO–one completes the other.

Please leave your suggestions and comments about ANSYS or Rocky DEM events. What were your impressions?


Rocky is a powerful, 3D discrete element modeling (DEM) program that quickly and accurately simulates particle behavior within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling system. Rocky analyzes media flow patterns and energy absorption rates, particle breakage, and energy spectra analysis. The software optimizes life expectancy of conveyor belts and components, minimizes material spillage in a design, and reduces the need for dust control and suppression, among numerous other applications. This software is a revolutionary way to handle a problem through computer simulation.

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