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Rocky DEM and its hardware partners: the many advantages of the HPC cloud

Unexpected demand for extra processing power may arise at any moment: an urgent case when all resources are consumed by other simulations; an unrivaled, huge case that cannot be solved with current resources; or even a benchmark test prior to investing in new hardware.

Rocky DEM users have an alternative to buying expensive hardware when needing short-term extra computing power — they can rely on HPC cloud.

Learn the advantages of cloud computing and get to know ESSS’s partners, who can instantly provide the best-possible hardware and processing power for solving your problem today.

Advantages of HPC Cloud for Rocky users

Fast provisioning ―At a moment’s notice, use the remote infrastructure to increase productivity, eliminating time-consuming steps involved in setting up IT infrastructure (hardware installation and software configuration).

Unlimited hardware availability ― Hardware is provided as a service that assures unlimited computing power, which is often needed for running and post-processing cases.

Latest technology ―Speed up simulation time by using Rocky GPU processing capabilities via today’s most-advanced GPU cards.

Preconfigured ― Cloud service comes preconfiguredwith updated Rocky versions that can be used immediately.

Cost-effective ― For sporadic short-term use, on-demand hardware is far less expensive than investing in new infrastructure.

Security ― Strict security keeps simulation data well protected.

Personal ― Cloud service offers customized support from experts.

How it Works

Rocky DEM can be run by any HPC Cloud provider, since the user points to his own license. For some HPC cloud services, collaborative work among the cloud provider, ESSS, and client is necessary for Rocky DEM software installation and license configuration.

The HPC Cloud Preferred Partners’ automated infrastructure incorporates Rocky DEM installed and ready to go. Users simply set up the problem in the local environment, transfer the project files to the cloud, and start the simulation. From a user perspective, no additional steps are required.

Microsoft Azure HPC, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud were also successfully tested for running Rocky simulations.

What about the License?

Cloud partners do not provide on-demand licenses. Two options are available:

1. Use an existing license to execute cases by pointing to your license server, via VPN or SSH tunnel. License tunneling does not require new license acquisition.

2. Generate a new leasing license and set up a dedicated license server in the cloud server, which saves existing licenses for non-cloud use.

Each cloud provider supplies detailed usage instructions.

HPC Cloud Preferred Partners

The following ESSS partners provide infrastructure for running Rocky simulation, with the latest software version, using the most-advanced hardware.


The Rescale platform allows engineers and scientists to run the most demanding processing software on the largest multi-cloud network in the world.

Edward Hsu – 

Scale out particle simulation with HPC cloud computing on the Rescale platform: Learn how

Oracle Cloud

Oracle provides an automated infrastructure with Rocky already installed and ready to go. Depending on the simulation, Oracle Cloud’s infrastructure provides different machine configurations to stay cost-effective without compromising computing power.

Amarendra Joshi –

Accelerate Rocky DEM simulations using Oracle Cloud and NVIDIA: Learn how

Nimbix Cloud Platform

Nimbix is a high-performance cloud platform built for true accelerated computing for the world’s most-demanding workloads.

Adil Noor –

Nimbix FAQ: Access here


UberCloud partners with leading CAE software companies and cloud providers, offering decades of HPC and cloud expertise. Its full solution is tailored to the user’s specific needs, enabling effortless cloud use.

Reha S. Senturk –

View case studies written by UberCloud HPC Experiment participants, featuring Ansys codes (Fluent, CFX, HFSS, LS-DYNA, Discovery Live) and Rocky DEM: Access here

Microsoft Azure CrunchYard

Microsoft Azure CrunchYard provides the environment suitable for Rocky DEM simulations with single or multiple Nvidia GPUs. The CrunchYard system removes the need for installation, setup and 3rd party GPU drivers, and you can now easily connect your Rocky LaaS.

Lucilla Almeida

Lucilla Almeida

CAE Specialist at ESSS, D.Sc.

Lucilla holds a BE (Chemical) undergraduate degree, an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Nuclear engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She joined ESSS in 2008 and has spent 5 years focused on applying CFD to solve common engineering problems in the Oil and Gas industry, dealing with turbulent and multiphase flow simulations. Since 2013, she is an Application Engineer for Rocky DEM Business Unit, supporting users, working on consultancy projects and validating models implemented for the CFD-DEM coupling.

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