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Rocky Material Wizard helps you quickly find your ideal material parameters

Calibration is an important step in DEM simulations in order for engineers to make sure that virtual materials accurately represent their real-world counterparts. In fact, the quality of your DEM results depends on having the right contact and material parameters. But standard values may not be an ideal representation of your material’s values, and calibration can take a long time. Rocky’s Material Wizard speeds up the process by automatically finding optimized parameters for your project, making project set-up much easier.

When setting up your case in the Material Wizard, you answer simple questions, such as “Is your material dry or wet?” You can use specific material values taken from a material testing report or from field measurements. And if you don’t know the exact value of the material properties, you can use ranges or your best guesses, and Rocky can still finish the calibration for you.

The Material Wizard will provide you with starting parameters that you can sort, such as friction factor, rolling resistance, particle density, and stiffness fraction. These initial settings can be used to jump-start your calibration work.

Demonstration of Rocky Material Wizard.

How to set up Rocky Material Wizard

Once you have the initial particle settings from the Material Wizard, you can use the Rocky Calibration suite on the Rocky Customer Portal if you’d like to go further in setting up your particle definitions. Then, Rocky can calibrate particle-particle properties such as static/dynamic friction and cohesive energy, or you can measure the static angle of repose in a pile of granular material, and the dynamic angle observed can be recreated. And you can measure torque, which depends on the coefficient of friction/rolling resistance, in a rheometer for different angular velocities.

Watch the video below from Dr. Daniel Schiochet Nasato at the Technical University of Munich to learn more about simple experiments you can run to get the information you need to calibrate your material for Rocky simulation.

Material model calibration for Rocky DEM simulations.

In developing the Material Wizard, the Rocky team has used machine learning methods to create a general metamodel, based on results from the Calibration Suite simulations. The Wizard compares experimental data with the metamodel prediction and finds the inputs.   

Rocky provides a combination of a basic material database and calibration suite, and now the material wizard, providing access to easy, fast, and a science based approach for your material characterization for DEM calculations.  

Material Wizard is available in Rocky’s 2022 R1 release. For more information or if you have any questions about Rocky material characterization of the Material Wizard, contact us today

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