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ANSYS and ROCKY DEM generate savings for VALE

Vale used Rocky DEM and ANSYS coupling to simulate and analyze the flow of ore

Vale, the world’s largest producer of iron ore, used Rocky DEM to reduce costs and increase productivity in its mining plants.

The application of simulation tools such as ANSYS and Rocky DEM during the development of processes and equipment makes a substantial difference in the mining area.

The deployment of projects developed with simulation cost was about US $18.2 million. In just three months the operation of each project achieved an economic return of over US$100 million.

ROCKY DEM is helping us to improve various processes. The use of simulation tools can quantify the design improvements and gains; this is advantageous because mining uses large equipment that without computer simulation can cost millions for prototype development and testing. Accurate simulation results can advocate for necessary changes and updates, with the assurance of a return on investment.”

Ueld José da Nobrega

Senior Engineer of Maintenance Engineering and Industrial Automation at Vale

Improve the efficiency and reduce the need for frequent grid cleaning at the hoppers’ screen from several plants.

With the aid of the Rocky DEM software, Vale simulated together the behavior of spherical and non-spherical particles of different sizes, measured the impact forces on equipment from the rocks on equipment, and calculated the runoff speed of ore.

The combined use of ANSYS software with Rocky DEM simulation software, developed by ESSS, resulted in efficiencies in process and equipment development in various sectors of the mining industry.

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