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BISSELL Validates Effectiveness of New Projects through Testing with Rocky DEM

Discover how BISSELL applies Rocky DEM and ANSYS Fluent simulation in the product development process.

Bissel had previously performed tests using a variety of discrete element modeling (DEM) software, but none matched BISSELL’s established criteria for simulation efficiency and accuracy. BISSELL needed something different and unique, so it turned to Rocky DEM.

Find out how BISSELL proves Rocky DEM-ANSYS Fluent effectiveness while developing a new cyclone device:

"We have been using Rocky DEM for almost one year and have found it essential to our process: It has proved to be the only one with flexible fiber model coupled with CFD — flow solution and real representation of the particles, being able to analyze our equipment with the exact number of particles and format."

Kon Leung, Ph.D.

Staff Simulation Engineer at BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

Optimize product design of a cyclone device, using a model capable of accurately predicting the behavior of pet hair.

Evaluate performance of geometric design variations while reducing cost of prototypes through CFD-DEM coupled simulation.

With proof of accuracy, BISSELL improved a tested application. The company plans to expand the use of the discrete element method as R&D methodology to a wider range of products — all thanks to results that confirm the efficiency of Rocky DEM and ANSYS Fluent coupling.

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