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BOMAG uses DEM to analyze particulate behavior

BOMAG uses Rocky DEM to analyze particulate behavior in their asphalt plant equipment

BOMAG MARINI LATIN AMERICA (BMLA) wanted to improve the efficiency of the two main components that make up their Titanium 140 Asphalt Plant: the counter flow drying drum and the Multi Paddle Pug Mill mixer.

The simulations of particles in the asphalt plant mixer using ROCKY DEM platform provided us with an increase of 60% in the mixture residence time, directly impacting the final product and guaranteeing quality for our customers.”

Elton Antonello Engineering Manager


Getting to know the material behavior inside an Asphalt Plant is very useful, as well as testing different designs, since this knowledge can guide decisions on equipment modifications and help increase productivity. However, those analyses are not possible without a powerful simulation tool.

Discrete Element Method (DEM) analyses using Rocky DEM software allowed a better understanding of the behavior of the particulate material in this Asphalt Plant equipment. Rocky DEM’s qualitative and quantitative post-processing tools led to a detailed evaluation of the particulate flux considering different designs of the equipment.

Simulations considering different designs for the fins in the mixing zone of the Multi Paddle Pug Mill mixer were carried out. The results enabled an evaluation of the residence time of the particles in the equipment, a key parameter for the process.

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