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CALTRA uses Rocky DEM to solve equipment problems

CALTRA uses particle flow simulations to solve equipment problems

CALTRA – a Brazilian consulting company specializing in industrial engineering and material handling equipment design – uses DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) simulations, like Rocky DEM, to develop efficient solutions that meet the high reliability and quality standards expected by their customers.

For CALTRA, Rocky DEM has fundamental importance because it allows us to evaluate with accuracy the equipment in the field. With this, we can represent reality and bring clarity of information by inserting particle parameters, moving elements into the simulation, as well as working with large material volumes. If we did not use Rocky DEM, our analysis would be much more limited.”

Bernardo Augusto Roca Arenales

General Manager at CALTRA

Propose changes to several chute designs that reduces maintenance stop time and avoids clogging, without significantly modifying the mining plant structure.

By simulating the chutes and flow in Rocky DEM and matching the material composition, the engineers were able to determine that by inserting self-aligning belts and matching the belt speed to the particle fall speed, they could accomplish their goals without changing the structure and distribution of the plant equipment.

Rocky DEM simulations enabled CALTRA to propose to their client minor, low-cost modifications to the equipment with reliable results, reducing maintenance stop times and increasing the plant’s productivity.

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