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Chemtech solves mining equipment issues by using Rocky DEM

Siemens Chemtech uses computer simulation tools to develop low-cost and high-benefit solutions

Siemens Chemtech – a high-end industrial engineering company based in Brazil – uses computer simulation tools, including Rocky DEM, to develop low-cost, high-benefit solutions for equipment problems detected in an iron ore extraction mine.

With Rocky DEM, we are able to make assertive but not oversized engineering solutions, can obtain necessary structural analysis and geometric design support, and can extract the outputs required for a project. The major differential of this tool is that it allows you to present solutions through a user-friendly interface. Videos and graphics help give reliability and credibility to the simulation that are run.”

Saulo Chiquito

Chemical Engineer at Chemtech

To discover a low-cost, low-impact solution to fix granular flow problems within the expansion of iron ore beneficiation plant, which were causing plant stoppages and resulting in large losses.

Through simulations conducted with Rocky DEM, Chemtech was able to identify improvements in equipment design that reduced up to 80% the speed of arrival of the material on the conveyor belt, while helping to align the flow within the chute.

Conducting simulations in Rocky DEM enabled Chemtech to develop and verify a solution with minimal intervention and low cost. In addition, the post-processing visualization and analysis tools included in Rocky helped Chemtech demonstrate, with confidence, the plausibility and reliability of the proposed solution to their end customer.

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