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CMD uses Rocky DEM to validate mill designs

CMD Consulting uses Rocky DEM power calculations to validate mill designs

CMD Consulting compares Rocky DEM calculations for power draw with those predicted by Morrell’s C- model and finds Rocky DEM to be extremely accurate – an important finding when choosing to use particle flow simulations to validate mill designs.

Discovering that Rocky DEM power almost exactly equals the Morrell power model is a vital conclusion. It provides the proof we required that Rocky can be used to accurately test a mill under non-standard operating conditions.”

Mike Daniel

Eco-Comminution Specialist at CMD Consulting

Find a method of proving to clients that Rocky DEM simulations are more than just “pretty pictures,” but are truly accurate representations of real-world conditions.

By comparing Rocky DEM power draw calculations with those predicted by Morrell’s C-model, CMD Consulting discovered that Rocky DEM is accurate to ± 6%.

With this proof of accuracy, CMD Consulting can instill confidence in their clients that designs simulated using Rocky DEM will work similarly in the real world.

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