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Layout Engineering relies on Rocky DEM for material flow analysis

Brazilian company reduces the downtime and wear of the skip equipment by using DEM Simulation

Brazil is one of the countries that generate more minerals in the world and, according to the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), in 2011, the national production brought a revenue of approximately 50 billion dollars to the country. Despite the excellent numbers, the industry needs to face some obstacles.

Through analysis with Rocky DEM software and ESSS assistance, we performed material flow analysis using the data collected in the field and we were able to achieve a solution to optimize the material transfer process of the equipment, increase the production and reduce the stops of maintenance”

Lucas Moura

Specialist Engineer

Reduce equipment downtime and wear, avoid maintenance shutdowns and increase mineoutput.

Use the Rocky DEM tool to determine the actual material flow by solving causes of premature wear and line clogging.

Decrease time in the field; increase agility in solving customer problems, reliability in program analysis and agility in problem solving.

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