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Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal uses Rocky DEM to optimize material charging into a blast furnace

Steel producer, NSSMC, uses Rocky DEM to optimize material charging process

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) wanted to understand and improve the difficult-to-observe process of material charging into a blast furnace, which converts iron ore and coke materials into pig iron.

Rocky DEM’s non-sphere, full-polygon particle function was for our company the deciding factor for DEM software selection. Additionally, we appreciate that we can use GPUs to process DEM simulations with accurate and highspeed results. And by inputting several simulation files into the Rocky DEM Scheduler tool, we can easily calculate many simulations as a series process, saving us even more time and effort.”

Yoichi Narita

Researcher at NSSMC

Optimize materials charging into a blast furnace by performing experimental and computer tests that both reduces costs while obtaining the best results

By using Rocky DEM simulations, NSSMC gained more insight into the angular particles’ flow and packing behavior. Rocky DEM is expected to contribute greatly to the improved operation of the blast furnace.

Once Rocky DEM made it possible for NSSMC to evaluate the behavior of their non-sphere-based particle shapes, they were able to understand better the material flow conditions, which saved them experiment costs and ensured better results faster.

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