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Calibrating and Validating Iron-Ore Fines with DEM

Onyx helps major producers to minimize flow problems within transfer chutes using Rocky DEM

Onyx Projects engineers turned to Rocky DEM discrete element modeling to predict iron-ore fines’ flow behavior, in an effort to to reduce issues in transfer chutes. The software’s Calibration Suite helped to conduct representative material flow simulations that produce accurate results.

Onyx Projects provides industry-leading analysis and visualization of bulk material flow to improve and optimize equipment design as well as to troubleshoot materials handling problems. Successful client work relies on the advanced capabilities of Rocky DEM software and the speed of its GPU-powered solver. Engineers calibrate material flow behavior through simulating lab-based flow property tests. Material model behavior is then carefully validated with full-scale chute simulations that we directly compare to site observations of flow and wear patterns.”

Dr. Richard Elliott

Principal Mechanical Engineer, Onyx Projects

Sticky iron-ore fines commonly cause flow problems within transfer chutes. Capturing this complex behavior in the simulation environment is a major challenge. The resolution was to determine what physical lab tests are appropriate for the calibration/validation of sticky fines, and what site observations could assist with DEM parameter validation.

Onyx provides value to their clients in the design and development of optimised engineered solutions that have been thoroughly virtually tested and validated. This is achieved via reliable and accurate DEM simulations using Rocky to capture real flow behavior and real flow problems.

Clients processing sticky iron-ore fines can expect fewer problems in transfer chutes, reducing material build-up, blocked chutes, belt run-off/drift delays, material boiling on impact plates, and spillage.

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