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Roesner Pty increases efficiency of fertilizer spreaders

Rocky DEM enabled Roesner Pty to perform virtual prototyping of loading chutes without the need of costly physical testing

Australian company Roesner Pty Ltd always uses modern engineering and manufacturing tools. They needed software to simulate loading chutes, spinner discs and vane designs to get results quickly and accurately.

"Rocky DEM simulation speeds up prototype development up to four times when compared to physical tests.”

Matthew Roesner Technical Director

Roesner Pty Ltd

To reduce the uneven distribution of fertilizer, yield loss and environmental runoff.

Rocky DEM accurately modelled complex interactions between the small fertilizer particles and the rotating spinner disc. By changing the disc angle a 5% increase in the optimum spread pattern in the field was achieved.

Rocky DEM Multi-GPU capabilities resulted in considerable time savings, allowing the company to perform more calculations more quickly.

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