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Spetstechnomash uses Rocky DEM to design new, customized equipment

Spetstekhnomash uses Rocky DEM for bulk materials simulation, designing high-performance processing equipment to meet customer requirements for dimensions and performance, taking into account the characteristics (density, dimensions) of the separated materials.

Working in the tool, engineers of the manufacturer of processing equipment and spare parts use different particle shapes (spherical, cube-shaped, flaky, acicular, and others) to simulate any bulk material and particle segregation.

Rocky DEM is a multipurpose tool that allows you to evaluate material flow in closed systems, to find the assemblies exposed to the greatest loads, and places of material accumulation with known characteristics of the simulated material.

Potekhin Yu.N.

Chief Designer of Spetstekhnomash

Designing new equipment or optimizing existing.

Screening simulation in Rocky DEM to evaluate efficiency.

Finding the most efficient screen design and the parameters for its operation.

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