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Vale uses DEM and FEA simulations to improve equipment and reduce costs

Rocky DEM and ANSYS software help the Carajás mine analyze equipment, test modifications, and ensure proper operation with speed and reliably.

Vale had the challenge of improving two of their beneficiation plants at their Carajás mine. For that, it was necessary separate out the larger pieces of ore at the first plant before the ore transferred to the second plant. With this separation accomplished, Vale could reduce the maintenance stop time of the latter plant and increase the productivity.

The market forces us to produce ever more with the equipment we already have, and we are only able to accomplish this by stimulating the productivity of our plants. With the accurate simulation abilities found in both Rocky DEM and Ansys, we can quickly measure and efficiently facilitate proper investment in our plants."

Ueld José da Nobrega

Senior Engineer of Maintenance Engineering and Industrial Automation at Vale

During the transfer of iron ore from the first plant to the second, reduce the maintenance stop time of the second plant by first filtering the particles with a roller screen so that only the smaller-sized ore reaches it.

Use Rocky DEM simulations to test the efficiency of the roller screen equipment at optimal calibrations, and use Ansys FEA simulations to verify that the structure design can support the added weight.

Rocky DEM and Ansys simulations helped ensure a reliable design that met the goal of reducing the maintenance costs of the second plant. Design development was reduced from 12 to 3 months with a predicted return on investment of almost R$ 7 million in just the first year of operation.

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