Materials Catalog
  Interactions Catalog
  Extend Simulation
  Simulation Restart
  Simulation Scheduler
  Unit System Management
  Parametric Support (Pre & Post)
  Compressed Data Storage
  Linux OS Support
  Periodic Boundaries  
  Python Scripting  
   HPC and Parallel Process    
  Parallel shared memory Solver (HPC licenses required) +
  Single GPU and multiGPU Solver (HPC licenses required)  
   Contact and Physical Models    
  Rolling Resistance Model: Type 1 - Constant rolling resistance model
  Rolling Resistance Model: Type 3 - Elastic-plastic spring-dashpot resistance model
  Contact Model (Normal Forces): Linear Hysteresis & Linears Elastic Viscous
  Contact Model (Tangential Forces): Elastic Coulomb & Coulomb Limit
  Shear Wear Contour Plots
  Wear (Surface Wear Modification)  
  Particle Breakage  
  Thermal Model  
  Airflow Model (Lattice Boltzmann)  
   Geometry Types    
  Custom Inlets
  Custom Geometries (import *.XGL, *.STL, and *.DXF Files)
  Feed Conveyor Parametric
  Receiving Conveyor Parametric
  Custom Geometries (import *.CAS and *.MSH ANSYS Fluent Files)  
  Rotation Without Displacement
  Translation Without Displacement
  Motion Preview
  Periodic Motion  
  6DOF (Six Degrees of Freedom)  
  Replicate Geometry  
  Combined Motions  
   Particle Types    
  Spherical Particles
  Non-Round Particles
  Particle Size Distribution
  Adhesive Materials (Wet/Dry/Sticky Contact Rheologies)
  Particle Detailed 3D View
  Concave Particles  
  Flexible Particles  
   Data Export    
  Export Image
  Export Table Data
  Export Curve Data
  Colision Data Collection & Export for FEA Analysis (ANSYS Mechanical)
  Colision Energy Spectrum  
  Export Modified Wear Geometry  
   Quantitative Calculations    
  Cube Selection
  Cylinder Selection
  Plane Selection
  Polyhedral Envelope Selection
  Property Filter
  Residence Time
  Particle Tagging
  Eulerian Statistics  
  Particle Time Statistics  
  Particle Flip Count  
   Post Processing Tools    
  3D View
  Time Plot
  Space Plot
  Cross Plot
  Video Animation
  Motion Preview
  MultiTime Plot  
  Particle Inspector  
  Particles Trajectory  
  Particle Detailed 3D View  
   External Coupling / Other Physics    
  ANSYS Workbench Parametric Integration
  ANSYS Mechanical 1-Way Coupling (DEM-to-FEA)
  ANSYS Fluent 1-Way Coupling (CFD-to-DEM)
  ANSYS Fluent 2-Way Coupling  
  DYNARDO optisLang Integration  

 Additional Product Required
 Rocky Designer - Max. 1.000.000 Particles