Rocky DEM enables you to create a nearly unlimited array of particle shapes that compact, settle, and behave just like real-world particles. There are six default particle shapes in Rocky DEM, including spherical, faceted, rounded cylinder, rounded polygon, rounded polyhedron, and briquette:

Non-rounded particles

From these basic shapes, you can adjust the various parameters to create nearly any shape imaginable — from rocks and rods to capsules and corn. But if the shapes included with Rocky don't quite meet your needs, you can also import your own custom particle shape directly into the program. Design your own 3D particle in a CAD tool, or use a 3D scanner to capture a real-live sample, and then import that custom shape directly into Rocky—any concave or convex shape will do. Our customers have created their own snack chips, medicine tablets, and more using this particle shape import method. (See below for examples.)

Rather than just the typical spheres or sphere clumps found within other DEM programs, Rocky DEM enables you to specify truly non-round particle shapes within your simulations. These irregular, polygonal shapes with sides and corners compact and settle just like real-world particles, which, in turn, produce more realistic simulation results. And because each particle is calculated as one item, rather than as many individual spheres stuck together, it takes less time to calculate, reducing the overall processing time drastically.


Rocky DEM accurately replicates many types of materials — such as ore, grain, plastic, and metal — and can do so with varying levels of moisture (adhesion). You can mix and match different shape, size, and adhesion combinations to create your own unique particle set. Below are some examples of shapes that you can create in Rocky DEM along with some custom shapes that our customers have imported.

Non-rounded particles


Non-rounded particles