Heavy Equipment

Discover the benefits Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations can offer the heavy equipment manufacturing industry as a powerful tool that uniquely simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials.


Rocky DEM provides vital engineering insights into how unique materials interact with specialized equipment.

Increase the production capacity and longevity of your heavy equipment by understanding how the materials it excavates, harvests, and transports affects its composition and function.

Applications applications


Rocky DEM can help you gain a better understanding of how different materials affect your excavator and bucket designs.

  • Compare results and identify problems

    Simulate the effect of particle forces acting upon a bucket geometry and compare the results using different materials. Identify the risk of spillage and areas prone to higher wear.

  • Increase equipment durability and performance

    When designing heavy equipment for bulk materials, it is essential to obtain representative load data to have confidence in the design and to ensure durability and performance.


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Multi-body Motion

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Dump Trucks

Rocky DEM particle simulation is the best solution for designing, testing, and optimizing dump trucks and other similar transport vehicles.

  • Reduce the load cycle

    Understand how to trim the body mass and reduce fuel usage by simulating your equipment designs in Rocky DEM.

  • Analyze the structure using FEA

    Rocky DEM can help you identify wear zones and extend the life of your components when coupled with finite element analysis (FEA) tools like ANSYS Mechanical.


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Dump Truck discharging different materials

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Structural optimization of material handling equipment using Rocky DEM and ANSYS Workbench

  • Integration workflow (Rocky DEM and ANSYS Workbench)

    Rocky DEM with ANSYS Workbench allow further design parameterization in ANSYS SpaceClaim® and optimization using DesignXplorer™.

  • Case study presentation

    Learn how a wide range of industries have benefited from using this method.


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