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Expanded CFD Coupling in Rocky 4.5

Get updated on the expanded Rocky DEM + Ansys Fluent Integration in Rocky 4.5

Rocky 4.5 release brings impressive performance improvements and more powerful CFD/DEM integration. This webinar showcases several features that expand this integration between Rocky DEM and Ansys Fluent.

Join us to learn how the integrated CFD/DEM visualization allows users to post-process particles and fluid simultaneously, increasing the level of understanding that can be extracted from the simulations. The analyses of coupling cases are even more powerful when combining it with the CFD Coupling Particle Statistics module, which provides fluid-particle interactions information such as the drag force or convective heat transfer rate per particle.

Additionally, get the hang of how the augmented exposure given by the enhanced API for CFD Coupling empowers users to bring their own coupling laws and take into account additional physics. Furthermore, the Drying Model gives a glimpse of those new capabilities by allowing a transient humidity field in the CFD solver that changes according to the moisture evaporated from the particle.

We’ll also see how the innovative Semi-Resolved Method expands the 2-way Rocky-Fluent coupling capability to deal with cases where the particles are significantly larger than the fluid mesh cell, and the fluid flow solution gradient over the particle geometry is crucial to the particle dynamics solution.

What attendees will learn:

  • Integrated CFD/DEM Visualization
  • Particle-Fluid Interaction Statistics
  • API for CFD Coupling
  • Coupled Drying Model
  • Semi-Resolved Coupling Method

⇢ Recorded webinar soon available on demand ⇠

Presented by:

Lucilla Almeida

CAE Specialist, ESSS

Lucilla holds a BE (Chemical) undergraduate degree, an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Nuclear engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She joined ESSS in 2008 and has spent 5 years focused on applying CFD to solve common engineering problems in the Oil and Gas industry, dealing with turbulent and multiphase flow simulations. Since 2013, she is an Application Engineer for Rocky DEM Business Unit.