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How has it been possible for Fundicion Ferrosa to reduce the equipment shutdown days per year by 80%?

To offer the highest quality service to its customers, Fundición Ferrosa searched for a way to validate its products and processes.

The company turned to engineering simulation tools to virtually identify and evaluate a large number of possible solutions and verify the most optimal amongst these.

The engineering team found that simulation tools clarified the customer questions, reassuring clients that the resulting solution would be viable.

Fundición Ferrosa soon found that there is the way to ensure customer confidence: Make the project work as it should, with real numbers and without a doubt.

Simulation tools such as Rocky DEM and ANSYS® software are essential in developing new projects or optimizing customer requests, precisely because they predict reliable results. In this case happened the impressive reduction of the equipment shutdown per year by 80%.

Simulation has contributed a lot to our processes and customer confidence. We can analyze original-equipment-manufacturer part designs and simulate them in Rocky DEM and ANSYS, identifying significant improvements. In some cases, it has been possible to reduce equipment shutdown days per year by 80 percent.”

Miguel Montiel

Business Manager, Fundición Ferrosa

Access the case study here.

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