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Rocky 2023R1: An integrated solution for applications with particles and fluids

The latest Rocky release further improves the workflow of particle and fluid simulations. It introduces a fast-setup user interface for embedded SPH capabilities (smoothed-particle hydrodynamics) and accelerates the pace of new feature development and integration with other Ansys solutions.

Rocky 2022R2 release
  • More efficient SPH-DEM simulation workflow, including an upgraded, unified user interface and fast setup of meshless CFD problems for modeling particle-laden free surface flows.
  • Increased applicability of both particle and fluid simulation via greater flexibility in geometry and problem setup for applications with inlets and outlets, fluid injections, and mass flow calculations within the domains and boundaries.
  • Usability improvement through expanded Rocky-Fluent two-way coupling in Ansys Workbench.
  • More predictively accurate heat transfer calculations for particle flows by including particle-wall heat transfer models in CFD-DEM calculations.

February 20th, 2023: Ansys announces Rocky 2023R1, the latest release of its multiphysics particle simulation software. The new integrated user interface and workflow for SPH-DEM combines the power of Rocky’s best-in-class DEM simulation with fast setup SPH. This combination puts the power of multi-GPUs and ease of setup to both DEM and SPH functionalities in the same workflow, all while maintaining flexibility. For example, engineers can easily work within capabilities such as surface tension analysis for fluid sprays, water jets, and other equipment simulations.

We are excited to extend Rocky’s multiphysics capabilities to now include a fully integrated SPH-DEM workflow,” said Marcos Damiani, numerical development principal at Rocky. “Combined with the full access to Rocky API and scalable performance on CPUs and multi-GPUs, we are confident that this release is a leap forward  in modeling a new range of engineering applications with fluids and particles.

Tractor driving through mud. The fluid is building in front of the vehicle, causing increased mechanical loads on the front grid. By coupling Rocky 2023R1 and Ansys Motion and Mechanical, engineers can use mechanical, fluid, and multibody dynamics to evaluate the mud behavior and forces on the tractor.
In this conceptual food industry example, the fluid heat transfer, together with solids representing different types of food particles are simulated, illustrating a framework for analysis for large-scale cooking equipment.

To extend Rocky’s applicability and to provide ease of use, this new release includes the ability to set up problems with both particles and fluid injection, inlets and outlets, and mass flow measurement. The implementation then accounts for the motion of the geometry. 

Agriculture machinery spreading seeds is an example of moving objects using the new moving injection functionality.

And Rocky keeps its focus on multiphysics, providing new features and new items, such as:

  • Heat transfer between particles and walls can be measured during coupling with Ansys Fluent.
  • Ansys Fluent 2-way coupling is now available via Ansys Workbench.
  • Ansys Motion coupling and Rocky’s internal motion kernel can be combined in the same simulation case.
  • Ansys Motion integration files can be exported using the Ansys Mechanical interface.
Particles and walls can exchange heat in Ansys Fluent coupling cases.

The Rocky 2023R1 brings new functionalities and performance improvements. The unique UI in the particles and fluids setup makes it even easier to model and analyze an even wider range of multiphysics with discrete solid mechanics problems beyond traditional DEM applications.

This is the first Rocky release after it was acquired by Ansys. To learn more on Rocky 2023R1, contact us today.

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