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Rocky DEM and Luxembourg XDEM Research Centre announce partnership

The most powerful DEM software on the market with even more firepower: coupling advanced thermodynamic models from XDEM software

ESSS has partnered with Bernhard Peters, professor of Thermo-Fluid Dynamics at the University of Luxembourg, to incorporate existing thermodynamic models from the extended discrete element method (XDEM) into Rocky DEM software.

Peters is a renowned professor at the University of Luxembourg, a researcher in CFD including thermal conversion and heat/mass transfer in packed and moving beds of granular matter, granular matter and transport, thermal decomposition of biomass, object-oriented software development, and high-performance computing.

The professor developed the XDEM concept into an outstanding tool that allows analysis, design, and performance of multi-physics applications in engineering.

The University of Luxembourg’s XDEM research team created the concept, and it is already employed by several collaborating partners in both industry and academia. In order to promote these dissemination and commercialization activities, the researchers teamed up with Wikki GmbH who license the XDEM software and offer professional support as well as training.

Peters’ pioneering and advanced thermodynamic models attracted interest from ESSS, creators of Rocky DEM software.

ESSS engineers explored the opportunity to incorporate advanced thermodynamic models such as material drying or complex chemical conversion reaction during material processing into Rocky DEM; they discovered that combining embedded XDEM models with ANSYS® Fluent® would be revolutionary for the material handling industry.

This combination of capabilities will enable Rocky DEM users to make better decisions in less time since everything will be performed within the same software.

This partnership will be especially valuable to the metallurgical, agricultural (food), and pharmaceutical industries as well as sectors where there is a need for more-effective study monitoring and thermodynamic testing.

“The magic triangle of XDEM-ROCKY-ANSYS Fluent generates a significant impact for both industrial and scientific applications. A detailed analysis of results helps to unveil the underlying physics and thus, allows novel designs and improved performance.”
Bernhard Peters Professor – University of Luxembourg

“This partnership with the University of Luxembourg is of great value to both our company and our customers. It combines many years of thermodynamic knowledge and makes it easy for industry to apply it, producing a better understanding of how a product or process works.”
Alexander V. Potapov Chief Technology Officer – Rocky Business Unit

To learn more about the benefits of this partnership and how to apply it to optimize your processes, contact Rocky DEM! We have the right solution for your business.

Prof. Peters

Consultant, professor, researcher and head of the Thermo-Fluid Dynamics section at the University of Luxembourg, Bernhard Peters developed the concept of the extended discrete element method. XDEM’s novel and innovative approach resolve and couples both discrete and continuous domains applicable to pharmaceutical, automotive, agriculture food/processing, engineering/construction, agricultural machinery, metals manufacturing, mining, biomedical, material science, cement, and energy production industries.

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