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Rocky DEM has a new software distributor in China

To offer the Chinese market a powerful option for DEM particle simulation software, PERA Global – a company with two decades of experience in commercialization and support of simulation software – and Rocky DEM, Inc. have signed a distribution agreement. PERA Global is now the officialdistributor in China for Rocky, a 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) software that quickly and accurately predicts the bulk flow behavior of granular material with different shapes and sizes of particles in various materials handling equipment and processes.

Having a partner like Rocky DEM, Inc. will enable PERA to serve our Chinese customers with more efficient CAE solutions in some important industries such as mining, metal, agriculture, and pharmacy,” says Tony Hu, CAE Business Development Director at PERA Global. “We believe that the Rocky software solution will significantly help industries in China optimize their materials handling equipment and processes.

Dr. Rahul Bharadwaj, Vice-President of Engineering and Business Development at Rocky DEM, Inc., believes that having a distribution channel partner like PERA Global will serve Rocky clients in China more efficiently. “PERA has two decades of experience with ANSYS solutions and is also the largest CAE technology and service provider in China,” Rahul says. “Their experience is especially important for understanding and supporting Rocky’s powerful simulation features, such as its CFD/FEA integration with ANSYS. We believe that our partnership with PERA Global will provide the best options and support for our Chinese clients who want Rocky’s state-of-the-art, next generation DEM solver.

About Rocky DEM, Inc.

Rocky DEM, Inc. is the developer of Rocky, an advanced engineering program that uses Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) to predict the behavior of bulk solids and aids in the efficient design and optimization of material handling equipment and processes. Rocky is capable of simulating realistic particle shapes using polyhedral, particle breakage, boundary surface reduction due to wear, sticky and dry material contact laws, multiphysics, and more. Its explicit DEM solver uses either multi core CPU or GPU processing that drastically reduces computational run times. Rocky DEM, Inc. is a joint GDI and ESSS enterprise.

About Pera Global

PERA Global is a leading PRC-based computer-aided Research and Development solutions provider focused on application, adoption, and development of engineering advanced technologies that enable innovation, simulation, and quality assurance—all key missions of engineering R&D in product and process industries. PERA Global is the exclusive distributor of the ANSYS portfolio of software products in China, Hong Kong, and Macao and provides state-of-the-art CAE software applications, support, and services to domestic and multinational customers.

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