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Rocky DEM has a new software distributor in Japan

IDAJ and Rocky DEM have signed a distribution agreement enabling the Japanese company to begin selling the powerful 3D Discrete Element Modeling program to its market. “Rocky adds a powerful simulation tool to our existing product portfolio and enlarges possible solutions for our customers,” said Mr. Chingzou Hsu, president of IDAJ. “DEM technology is new to our company but we are very excited by Rocky’s powerful features and ease-of-use GUI.

Launched in 1994, IDAJ Co., LTD. is one of the most successful CAE companies in Japan. With its sophisticated engineering expertise and services, IDAJ is able to provide its customers the best solutions by combining multiple CAE technologies with their many years of consulting experiences and broad CAE engineering skills.

Mr. Hsu says IDAJ is excited to offer Rocky DEM to its customers so that they can finally simulate the real physics and granular behavior of their products. Previously, IDAJ’s customers were forced to simplify the physics by very rough modeling work or abandon trying to understand the granular behavior. Mr. Hsu is looking forward to Rocky DEM helping his customers better understand their particle behaviors and properly evaluate their equipment designs. He is also confident that the well-experienced engineers working at IDAJ will be able to learn the Rocky program very quickly and will be able to help customers even more.

 IDAJ being an ANSYS Channel Partner in the Asia Pacific Region is another partnership benefit highlighted by Mr. Hsu. “We are expecting that Rocky DEM will help us to differentiate from ANSYS’s competitors due to Rocky’s superior ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS CFD integration,” he explained.

Our first impression of Rocky is that it is very easy to use and intuitive, which is extremely important for customers who are not necessary dedicated CAE engineers,” said Mr. Hsu. “Also the computational speed is much faster than we thought possible. With its far-reaching capabilities, we are sure it will be very well received by Japanese customers.

About IDAJ

IDAJ Co., LTD. is a CAE company from Japan with sophisticated engineering expertise and services.  IDAJ provides to its customers the best solutions based upon integrating multiple CAE technologies with many years of consulting experiences and broad CAE engineering skills. IDAJ offers comprehensive digital solution technologies that rely on multiple discipline CAE approaches as the core competencies.

About Rocky DEM

Rocky DEM is an advanced engineering program that uses Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) to predict the behavior of bulk solids and aids in the efficient design and optimization of material handling equipment and processes. Rocky is capable of simulating realistic convex and concave particle shapes, particle breakage, boundary surface reduction due to wear, sticky and dry material contact laws, multiphysics, and more. Its explicit DEM solver uses either multi-core CPUs alone, or can be combined with single or multi-GPU processing to drastically reduce computational run times.

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