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Rocky DEM, Inc. announces new software release

The 3.10 release of Rocky DEM software brings new features including thermal modeling, Eulerian Statistics, and support for ANSYS 17.0

Rocky DEM release 3.10 brings new features that help users perform more accurate and complex simulations. Included in this latest release are the Eulerian Statistics user process, thermal modeling capabilities, and support for ANSYS 17. The user manual has also has been converted to an easier-to-navigate and search topic-based platform, and includes new documentation on both the Eulerian Statistics and the thermal modeling features.

Thermal Modeling
One of the highlights of Rocky DEM 3.10 release is the ability to simulate particle-to-particle, particle-to-boundary, and particle-to-fluid (when coupled with a CFD solver) heat transfer. This new thermal model allows the simulation of equipments that deal with particle heating (or cooling) and provides a detailed view of the particle temperature behaviors in the system. This feature, for example, is a useful way to study heat transfer in granular materials in rotary calciners, helping engineers to design and optimize their materials handling equipment.

This video shows coupling between Rocky DEM and ANSYS CFD in order to analyze the heat transfer of a hot-air oven upon particles being conveyed

Eulerian Statistics
Another highlight of this release is the Eulerian Statistics user process. It is allows users to partition the space represented by a Cube or Cylinder user process into discrete regular blocks for further particle data analysis. The user can control the number of blocks by specifying how many divisions are required in each of three directions. This feature works together with another new user process called Cell Inspector that allows users to analyze individual cells that make up entities, such as geometry triangles or Eulerian Statistics blocks. The Cell Inspector might be especially useful for Eulerian Statistics as it more easily enables the analysis of individual blocks.

Cylinder User Process from the Particles entity with Eulerian Statistics applied

ANSYS 17.0 Support
This new version of Rocky DEM now supports ANSYS 17.0 on the Rocky DEM – ANSYS Workbench coupling for one-way structural analysis and on Rocky DEM – ANSYS Fluent coupling for one- and two-way particles-fluid coupling. Combined with the new thermal model, users can now analyze, among other things, the heat transfer between fluid and particles in Rocky-Fluent coupling, enlarging the range of processes that can be modeled using the Discrete Element Method (DEM).

Updated User Manual
This latest release of Rocky DEM also launches a newly designed topic-based format for displaying the user manual content. When compared to the previous PDF format, this more familiar Help platform provides easier navigation from the Contents tab, improved search functionality from the Search tab, better print and zoom options, and more.

Cylinder User Process from the Particles entity with Eulerian Statistics applied

To learn more about downloading Rocky DEM 3.10, please access the customer portal.

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