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TSNE adds Rocky DEM to its offerings

TSNE and Rocky DEM, Inc. have signed a distribution agreement that enables the engineering services provider to begin selling the most powerful 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program, Rocky DEM, in South Korea. “As a distributor of Rocky, we can proudly say that TSNE can now provide our customers the most realistic technology for DEM solutions through Rocky’s realistic-shaped particles and faster parallel solvers,” says Jinwook Shim, TSNE Chief Technology Officer. Shim also says that for the last several years, TSNE has been searching for simulation tools that can handle granular materials. Now, with this new partnership, the company can provide to their costumers a full range of simulated matter—both fluids and solids—that enables their customers to understand the real-world physics of nearly any kind of load behavior.

In addition to their almost 30 years of experience and expertise providing CAE solutions in South Korea, Shim expects Rocky DEM to become another dominant product in TSNE’s portfolio, and will help more customers make use of the powerful solutions resulting from Rocky DEM being coupled with ANSYS. The main goal of this partnership is to expand the DEM market more broadly and to give their customers unparalleled competency with the Rocky DEM product, sustaining mutual benefit between the two companies.

About TSNE

Taesung S&E Inc. is one of the major engineering service providers in South Korea. The company started their business in 1988, focused primarily on the distribution of engineering simulation software for acoustics and mechanical purposes. They later expanded into computational fluid dynamics, optimization, tolerance design, 1D thermal management for vehicles, and much more.

About Rocky DEM, Inc.

Rocky DEM, Inc. is the developer of Rocky, an advanced engineering program that uses Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) to predict the behavior of bulk solids and aids in the efficient design and optimization of material handling equipment and processes. Rocky DEM is capable of simulating realistic and concave particle shapes, particle breakage, boundary surface reduction due to wear, sticky and dry material contact laws, multiphysics, and more. Its explicit DEM solver uses either multi-core CPU or GPU processing that drastically reduces computational run times. Rocky DEM, Inc. is a joint GDI and ESSS enterprise.


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