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HPC Cloud

High-performance computing

Rocky DEM users have an alternative to buying extra hardware when needing short-term extra computing power — they can rely on HPC cloud.

Accomplish more in less time

Unexpected demand for extra processing power may arise at any moment. With HPC Cloud, you can benefit from accelerated time to completion without compromising your budget or the quality of your results.

The best-possible processing power for your problem

Fast provisioning

At a moment’s notice, use the remote infrastructure to increase productivity, eliminating time-consuming steps involved in setting up IT infrastructure.

Latest technology

Speed up simulation time by using Rocky GPU processing capabilities via today’s most-advanced GPU cards.

Preconfigured service

Cloud service comes preconfigured with updated Rocky versions that can be used immediately.

Secure data

Strict security keeps simulation data well protected.

Cost-effective investment

For sporadic short-term use, on-demand hardware is far less expensive than investing in new infrastructure.

Unlimited hardware availability

Hardware is provided as a service that assures unlimited computing power, which is often needed for running and post-processing cases.

Personal support

Cloud service offers customized support from experts.