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The Rocky DEM Challenge, developed by ESSS, aims to encourage the use of computer simulation engineering with a focus on finite element method as a way to optimize processes and the production of new products for the market.

The challenge:  To discover new possibilities for simulation and demonstrate in practice how to solve real day-to-day problems by showing the competitive advantages for any engineer to gain answers through Rocky DEM.


Article 1: The entire community of engineers and professionals who use or intend to use computational simulation in their projects can participate.


Article 2: Registration is free by subscription on the form on the official page of the challenge. Registration is open until May 3.


Article 3: Each participant must send its geometry and the summary of operations data for the submission.

Not all the projects will be selected for simulation. Three projects will be chosen by a Rocky DEM technical team who will analyze each submission according to the project’s adherence to the demonstration proposal guidelines.


Article 5: The presentation of the results and the final disclosure will take place on June 5 on Rocky DEM’s official Facebook page.

Article 6: When sending the geometry and other data for the simulation, the participant agrees to the total disclosure of the project for marketing purposes, including but not limited to the company name, the name of the engineering professional, and other details related directly to the project .

Article 7: Participation in the campaign automatically implies the knowledge and acceptance by the participant of all the provisions of these terms and conditions.